Sunday, March 20, 2011

She's a fickle pickle.

Chicken is one fickle gal. She loves something one day and dislikes it the next day. This happens all the time. She eats practically an entire cucumber so I go to the store to buy another, slice it up and she tosses the slices on the floor one by one. She eats three broccoli florets and wants more, so I quickly steam some and she ignores them.
I guess I should get used to it, right? I'm sure she'll be no more predictable when she's 8 and switching best friends daily or when she's 13 and telling us we're the worst parents ever.
It is interesting to observe her though. I made this risotto last week and Chicken devoured it. She couldn't get enough. She looked the broccoli as if to say, "Who invited you?"
The next night, we had leftover risotto with some sauteed zucchini and carrots. She shoveled the vegetables into her moth and starting tossing risotto until her dad moved it away.
The following day, I served her the leftover vegetables at lunch and she didn't even touch them. Is it possible she just doesn't like leftovers? I hope not, because we love leftovers around here!

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