Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Self Serve

Chicken is becoming an independent woman. She's mobile, communicative and somewhat demanding. A few weeks (or more?) ago, she started gesturing at what she wants. Of course, most of the food options are in the same general location on the table, so I tend to guess wrong more often than not.
Lately, she's very interested in serving herself food. She has started trying to put her spoon in the yogurt container (sometimes losing the spoon and just digging in with her hands...) and likes choosing her own pieces of food. I'm excited to see her exert her independence, but it does mean lots of messes to clean up. She likes to dig her around in a bowl of peas, blueberries...you name it. Sometimes she takes some out and eats them and sometimes she just plays with them, but either way, she's learning about making choices and having fun too.

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